President’s Column – March 2013

Title: 3D Seismic Symposium’s 19th Anniversary Author: Debra Higley Publication: The Outcrop, March 2013, p. 4-5 March 5th marks the 19th anniversary of the 3D Seismic Symposium. Hosted by the  Denver Geophysical Society and RMAG, this cooperative event meshes geological and geophysical science of new and classic resource plays, technological diversity, and some fabulous 3D images and interpretations. It is fascinating how minor modifications in the … More President’s Column – March 2013

President’s Column – October 2012

Title: It’s Electrifying! Author: Pete Varney Publication: The Outcrop, October 2012, p. 14-15 Last month I finished by saying there are other ways to get to electrical power besides nuclear, coal, hydro and petroleum. If we are talking about large scale applications, let’s talk about solar… The idea of solar power has been around for a long time, possibly … More President’s Column – October 2012

President’s Column – September 2012

Title: A Well Deserved Commendation… Author: Pete Varney Publication: The Outcrop, September 2012, p. 14-15 Before I continue the energy discussions from last July, I want to publicly acknowledge Carol Dalton’s extraordinary service to RMAG. In the two months before Emily Tompkins joined us as Executive Director, Carol took on the full-time role of managing the association… This involved not … More President’s Column – September 2012

President’s Column – August 2012

Title: Thoughts About the Colorado Geological Survey Author: Pete Varney Publication: The Outcrop, August 2012, p. 14-15 This month, I’m stepping back from my series on energy resources to discuss the future of the Colorado Geological Survey and to ask you to take an active part in helping your representatives make an important decision. There is still time to make a difference… … More President’s Column – August 2012

President’s Column – June 2012

Title: June President’s Communication Author: Pete Varney Publication: The Outcrop, June 2012, p. 18-19 As a continuation of this series, let’s consider another fossil fuel and how it might compare with petroleum. Imagine, just for the sake of argument, that oil and gas were not available and that Drake’s well did not begin the “petroleum era.” The first question … More President’s Column – June 2012