Luncheon – December 1, 2006

Title: Perfecting the Search for Unconventional Resource Plays Speaker: Peter Dea Publication: The Outcrop, Dec. 2006, p. 4 Creative geologic thinking, technology advancements, maturing conventional plays, investor preference for low risk drilling inventories and pricing improvements have all led to an industry wide focus on “Perfecting the Search for Unconventional Resource Plays.” What used to … More Luncheon – December 1, 2006

Luncheon – November 3, 2006

Title: Niobrara Biogenic Natural Gas in the Eastern DJ Basin, Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska Speaker: Bruce S. Kelso, Berry Petroleum Company Date: November 3, 2006 Publication: The Outcrop, Nov. 2006, p. 4-5 The low permeability, high porosity chalk of the Cretaceous Niobrara Formation was identified as a productive natural gas reservoir nearly 85 years ago in the … More Luncheon – November 3, 2006

Luncheon – October 20, 2006

Title: Beyond the Milankovitch Paradigm: What We’ve Learned from Lateral Variability in Carbonate Cycle Stacking Patterns Speaker: Sven Egenhoff, Assistant Professor, Colorado State University Date: October 20, 2006 Publication: The Outcrop, Oct. 2006, p. 4-5 Carbonate platform interiors have long been treated as if their internal architecture was mostly characterized by platform-wide traceable cycles triggered by orbital … More Luncheon – October 20, 2006

Luncheon – September 15, 2006

Title: The Use of Geophysics During Exploration and Development within the Piceance Basin Speaker: Steven Natali, Vice President of Exploration, Williams Production Company Date: September 15, 2006 Publication: The Outcrop, September 2006, p. 4 Beside mud logs and conventional electric logs, two geophysical tools have proven their worth in the extension of production into more remote areas … More Luncheon – September 15, 2006

Luncheon – August 18, 2006

Title: Wattenberg Field Area, A Near Miss and Lessons Learned after 35 Years of Development History Speakers: Stephen A. Sonnenberg, Kerr McGee Oil and Gas Onshore LP and Robert J. Weimer, Professor Emeritus, Colorado School of Mines Date: August 18, 2006 Publication: The Outcrop, August 2006, p. 5 One of the most important mineral resource activities in … More Luncheon – August 18, 2006

Luncheon – August 4, 2006

Title: Ice Cores from Greenland and Antarctica: Climate Change in the Earth’s Past Speaker: Todd K. Hinkley, USGS Date: August 4, 2006 Publication: The Outcrop, August 2006, p. 4 The National Ice Core Laboratory in Lakewood has 15,000 1-meter tubes of ice cores, drilled from the ice covered regions of the world, Greenland and Antarctica. … More Luncheon – August 4, 2006

Luncheon – July 21, 2006

Title: Gee Whiz Geophysics…But What About the Log Data? Speakers: Jeff S. Arbogast, Petroleum Software Technologies and Steven M. Goolsby, Goolsby Brothers & Associates Date: July 21, 2006 Publication: The Outcrop, July 2006, p. 4 Geophysicists have been trying to squeeze as much useable information as possible from seismic data since before the discovery of bright … More Luncheon – July 21, 2006

Luncheon – June 16, 2006

Title: World-wide Water Worries Speaker: Robert G. Raynolds, Research Associate, Denver Museum of Nature and Science Date: June 16, 2006 Publication: The Outcrop, June 2006, p. 4-5 This talk will update the situation in Douglas County where water levels in the principal municipal aquifer have fallen over 50 feet since I spoke to you on October 1, 2004. … More Luncheon – June 16, 2006

Luncheon – June 2, 2006

Title: Mudlog Gas Chromatography – Interpretation and Prediction of Hydrocarbon Type Using Ratios of Mudlog C1-C5 Gases Speaker: Raymond Pierson, Aera Energy LLC Date: June 2, 2006 Publication: The Outcrop, June 2006, p. 4 The application of Mudlog Gas Ratio Analyses for the purposes of predicting the hydrocarbon type from which the gases were liberated during drilling is essential … More Luncheon – June 2, 2006