2008 – Journalism Award

Award: Journalism Award Recipient: The Rocky Mountain News Published in: The Outcrop, November 2008, p. 42 The Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists presents its 2008 Journalism Award to a group of five journalists with the Rocky Mountain News for their outstanding contribution to a recent four-part special report entitled Beyond The Boom. With strong leadership … More 2008 – Journalism Award

2007 – Journalism Award

Award: Journalism Award Recipients: Harald Drewes and John Townrow Publication: The Outcrop, November 2007, p. 23 The Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists is pleased to recognize Dr. Harald Drewes and Dr. John Townrow as recipients of the RMAG Journalism Award. Harald Drewes, a retired U.S.G.S. geologist and John Townrow, a retired paleobotanist and biologist teamed … More 2007 – Journalism Award

2009 – Journalism Award

Award: Journalism Award Awardees: Kirk Johnson and Ray Troll Publication: The Outcrop, November 2009, p. 16 The Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists presents its 2009 Journalism Award to Kirk Johnson and Ray Troll for their outstanding collaboration on Cruisin’ The Fossil Freeway – An Epoch Tale of a Scientist and an Artist on the Ultimate … More 2009 – Journalism Award

Journalism Award 2001

Award Title: Journalism Award Awardee: Linda Flis Citation published in: The Outcrop, November 2001, p. 14 The Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists presents its 2001 Journalism Award to Linda Flis in recognition of her achievements in producing educational and historical videos in the field of geology and natural resources exploration. Linda received a Bachelor degree in Earth Science in … More Journalism Award 2001

Journalism Award 2002

Award: Journalism Award 2002 Awardee: Martin Lockley Citation Published In: The Outcrop, November 2002, p. 10 The Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists presents its 2002 Journalism Award to Martin Lockley in recognition of his research and publications educating the public about dinosaur life interpreted from the fossil record. Martin Lockley is currently a Professor of Geology and curator … More Journalism Award 2002

2004 – Journalism Award

Award: Journalism Award 2004 Awardee: Colorado Geological Survey Publication: The Outcrop, November 2004, p. 14 Breaking with a long-standing tradition, the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists, for the first time, presents its 2004 Journalism Award to an organization instead of a single individual: the Colorado Geological Survey. The Survey is being recognized for its long history … More 2004 – Journalism Award

2012 – RMAG Journalism Award

Award: RMAG Journalism Award Awardee: Kirk Johnson and Ian Miller Citation: Published in the November 2012 Outcrop. The Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists is pleased to bestow upon Kirk Johnson and Ian Miller its 2012 Journalism Award in recognition of their efforts in publicizing the very significant paleontological find of ice age fossils near Snowmass Village, Colorado and … More 2012 – RMAG Journalism Award