RMAG Distinguished Lecture Series, 2000

Title: A Climate of Doubt about Global Warming Speaker: Dr. Robert C. Balling, Jr., Director, Office of Climatology, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, AAPG Distinguished Lecturer Date: March 10, 2000 Publication: The Outcrop, March 2000, p. 7 Over the past decade, global warming has become a front-page environmental issue capturing the attention of thousands of scientists and policy … More RMAG Distinguished Lecture Series, 2000

What Kind of Bird Are You?

Title: What Kind of Bird Are You? Publication: The Outcrop, August 2006, p. 28 In a recent Geotimes article (June 2006), .Michael Glantz divided observers of the Global Warming debate into four groups: Hawks are convinced beyond reasonable doubt that human activities not only can, but are, altering the chemical composition of the atmosphere in … More What Kind of Bird Are You?

Luncheon – August 4, 2006

Title: Ice Cores from Greenland and Antarctica: Climate Change in the Earth’s Past Speaker: Todd K. Hinkley, USGS Date: August 4, 2006 Publication: The Outcrop, August 2006, p. 4 The National Ice Core Laboratory in Lakewood has 15,000 1-meter tubes of ice cores, drilled from the ice covered regions of the world, Greenland and Antarctica. … More Luncheon – August 4, 2006

Global Warming

Title: Global Warming: Understanding the Data and the Controls on Climate and Separating Hype, Media Misrepresentation and Politics in Deciding Whether to Adapt, Mitigate, or Do Nothing Authors: Paul Belanger and Genevieve Young Publication: The Outcrop, September 2007, p. 11-12 In the April 2006 Outcrop editorial, Bob Cluff discussed the global warming (GW) issue in … More Global Warming

Luncheon – March 16, 2007

Title: A Geologist’s View on Global Change: Does it Impact Us in Colorado? Speaker: Bob Raynolds, Research Associate, Denver Museum of Nature & Science Date: March 16, 2007 Publication: The Outcrop, March 2007, p. 5 Geologic time affords one the perspective to contemplate changes of process and phenomena spanning billions and billions of years. In our lifetime … More Luncheon – March 16, 2007