Dinosaur Ridge Boy Scout Day – 2013

Title: Dinosaur Ridge Boy Scout Day

Author: Gregg Guyer

Publication: The Outcrop, May 2013, p. 34-35

Maydino1Growing up here in Colorado I was exposed to so many different experiences. Many of those experiences were because of my involvement in Scouting. I remember learning about Geology, and Paleontology in Scouts and taking many day trips to Alameda Ave and the Dakota Hogback to look at and wonder about the vast amount of track and bones that were exposed along that section. This was back in the 70s and 80s. Those experiences piqued an interest in me that eventually led to degrees in Geology and a career in Geology.

I love to share my experiences with everyone (as I’m sure you do), but especially those that are in Boy and Girl Scouts. To see the light on their faces when talking about the dinosaurs that roamed Colorado and left their tracks and bones for us to see along the Dakota Hogback is truly inspiring.

May 11th 2013, from 9am-3pm, is Boy Scout Day at Dinosaur Ridge (Girl Scout Day is October 12th). Scout Day at Dinosaur Ridge is open to scouts of all ages and provides an opportunity for Scouts to satisfy their geology requirements and earn pins, belt loops and merit badges. These awards are available through the Boy Scouts of America, not the Friends of Dinosaur Ridge. More than 60 earth scientists and other volunteers, including certified merit badge counselors, assist with the event.

Dinosaur Ridge provides many activities to help Scouts complete all of the requirements for the varied badges, pins, and belt loops. At the Visitor Center, hands-on activities range from excavating “bones” in a dig near the museum, Rock and Mineral Identification, Geologic Map Reading, fossil identification, dinosaur track painting, gold panning, plus many others. The Scouts also walk along the ridge where each site is manned by volunteers that assist in interpreting the fossils and geology in an interactive manner.

Everyone takes away something new from the Scout Day experience.