Board of Directors Meeting – March 2013

Title: RMAG March Board of Directors Meeting

Author: Jacinda Nettik Brown, Secretary

Publication: The Outcrop, May 2013, p. 4

The Board of Directors meeting was held on March 20th, 2013 at the RMAG office. We began this meeting with guest, Tricia Beaver, representing the RMAG Awards Committee. Tricia presented her committee’s nominations for AAPG Honors & Awards. This AAPG program recognizes outstanding achievements and contributions by professional geologists. The nominations are confidential so all materials with nominees’ names were collected after the BOD approved the list. Past award recipients can be found at:

Next up was the Financial Report. RMAG Treasure Mike Kozimko is reworking the cumulative income and expense plots to better show when expenses and income are expected to hit the books rather than the current method that shows the budget as a straight line from the start to the end of the year. The reworked plots will allow the BOD to better understand month-to-month how RMAG is performing compared to the approved annual budget.

RMAG was contacted by the Director for Center for Oil Shale Technology and Research at Colorado School of Mines regarding our 1974 RMAG 25th Field Conference Guidebook to the Energy Resources of the Piceance Creek basin, Colorado. RMAG BOD approved a motion granting a non-exclusive license to post an electronic copy of this guidebook with a link back to the RMAG website. The makes the Guidebook available to a larger audience and gives RMAG additional exposure.

As many of our RMAG members are aware The Mountain Geologist went digital this year. However, our non-member subscribers (libraries and universities) are still provided printed copies because an effective way for their users to digitally access The Mountain Geologist was not determined prior to their subscription renewal. The BOD approved the necessary unbudgeted funds for postage and printing of The Mountain Geologist for the remainder of 2013.

RMAG BOD decided to table the discussion of RMAG contributing to GeoScienceWorld’s ebook and ejournals due to the upfront unbudgeted costs to RMAG. GSW ebooks would make RMAG Guidebooks available for purchase on the GSW website and ejournals would make Mountain Geologist available for purchase. GSW could be good investment opportunity for RMAG and can be evaluated at a later time.

RMAG would like to extend a thank you to Connie Knight for volunteering to be Committee Chair for the Committee for Membership Issues. This committee with be charged with recruiting and engaging members and memorials. If you’d like to be on this committee please contact the RMAG staff.

I hope to see many of our RMAG members at the upcoming events, including the RMAG Monthly Luncheon Program.