President’s Column – April 2013

Title: RMAG/PTTC Spring Symposium

Author: Debra Higley

Publication: The Outcrop, April 2013, p. 6-7

April 23rd is the date of the “Making Money with Science” RMAG/PTTC Spring Symposium. RMAG is a mostly volunteer organization composed of numerous committees that organize and produce our communications, awards, publications, sponsor contributions, and events.

One of the important committees is Continuing Education, chaired in 2013 by Greg Anderson. Along with the Spring Symposium, events include the Fall Symposium, short
courses, and field trips. Field trips are also organized by the On the Rocks committee, with Ron Pritchett as chair. Let us know if you would like to join any of the RMAG committees.

Some events are organized almost independent from the Continuing  Education committee and are in cooperation with other organizations, such as the 3D Seismic Symposium of the Denver Geophysical Society (DGS) and RMAG. Many of our events are
planned in cooperation with the regional Petroleum Technology Transfer Council (PTTC), of which Mary Carr is the Rocky Mountain Director. We commonly host the Rocky Mountain Expo (Prospect Fair and Technofest) with the Denver Association of Petroleum
Landmen (DAPL), Denver Well Logging Society (DWLS) and Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE). The Prospect Fair and Technofest will not be held this fall because NAPE Mountain is planned for next December in Denver. RMAG is commonly a partner when the Rocky Mountain Section meeting is in Denver (2014) and the AAPG National Convention is in Denver (2015).

Ideally, the Continuing Education events are separated by at least 5 weeks from other geoscience events that RMAG members may wish to attend. That, plus reserving rooms for the events, is the main reason event dates change from year to year. This year we cancelled the RMAG Fall Symposium because the SPE-AAPG-SEG Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC) will be in Denver from August 12-14, and conflicting dates of other events listed at the end of this paragraph left no space. We requested to be part of the planning process for URTeC, especially since we now had some free time with this new every-other-year convention moving into Denver, but they decided not to involve any local or regional organizations. Hmmm, maybe we can add a field trip just before or after URTeC since the conference is limited to oral presentation.

The Rocky Mountain Section Meeting is in Salt Lake City from September 28-30th, the Mid-Continent Section Meeting is October 12-14th, and the GSA Annual Meeting is October 27-30th in Denver.

On a totally non-associated topic, at the USGS, we like freeware and download-for-free data and other juicy tidbits. Below are several websites for free LAS-format well logs for areas I am working. These and other digital data are increasingly available from states and countries.

Last accessed Feb. 19th, 2013.
Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission website (select “Well Logs” under “Type”) Kansas Geological Survey digital well logs for Kansas Manitoba Innovation, Energy, and Mines well logs Saskatchewan Energy and Resources digital well logs