Board of Directors Meeting – February 2013

Title: RMAG February Board of Directors Meeting

Author: Jacinda Nettik Brown, Secretary

Publication: The Outcrop, April 2013, p. 4

The Board of Directors meeting was held on February 20th, 2013 in the RMAG office. We began as we always do with a review of the Financial Report. RMAG’s income and expenses are both slightly higher than budgeted; financially RMAG is looking great at this point in the year.

Denver looks to be an exciting hub for prospect expos this year with NAPE Denver coming in December and PLS Dealmakers Prospects and Property Expos holding event an event in April. These events have led RMAG to not hold its own RMAG Prospect Fair/Techno Fest as it has in years past, but have some sort of participation in one or both of the events above.

RMAG nominated 15 candidates to the AAPG House of Delegates, nine of which will be elected. The House of Delegates is made up of members from AAPG’s affiliated societies and international regions throughout the world. RMAG would like to thank its members for acting as delegates on our behalf: Peter Bucknam , Jerome Cuzella, Walter Johnson, Laura Mauro Johnson, Bruce Kelso, Steven Kirkwood, Constance Knight, Susan Landon, Jay Leaver, Paula Mohseni, James Mullarkey, Douglas Neese , Paul Ozanich, Natasha Rigg, and Stephen Sonnenberg.

Keep your calendar open for the return of a big industry happy hour. Six societies are in the early stages of planning for a “Big Society Happy Hour” or “BSHH” in May 2013. We hope this event will offer our members the opportunity to BS with many of their oil & gas friends from AADE, DAPL, DGS, DWLS, RMAG and SPE. RMAG and the other societies feel a cross-society event is an important event to offer and one that has been missed in recent years. More details on this event to come.

The RMAG Tennis Tournament has been left off the schedule this year due to low participation in recent years. However, RMAGs Continuing Education Committee felt it was important this event be replaced with another great social event for our members. Please mark your calendars for the very first RMAG Sporting Clay Tournament coming October 11th.

Additionally, a committee for membership issues will be resurrected. This committee will be cross-generational. It will focus on memorials, recruiting and engaging our members. If you’d like to serve on this committee please contact the RMAG office.

RMAG Members don’t forget to renew your memberships for 2013 if you have not already done so. Year to date we are behind on our membership renewals. You can renew online at

As always it’s been a pleasure to serve on the 2013 RMAG BOD of directors.