The Robert J. Weimer Distinguished Endowed Chair in Sedimentary and Petroleum Geology at the Colorado School of Mines

Title: The Robert J. Weimer Distinguished Endowed Chair in Sedimentary and Petroleum Geology at the Colorado School of Mines

Publication: The Outcrop, December 2012, p. 6-7

December 2012 Outcrop
Left to right, Dr. Steven Sonnenberg, Dr. Bob Weimer and Ruth Weimer.

Dr. Bob Weimer, Colorado School of Mines Professor Emeritus, was recently honored at a reception where it was announced that a new Distinguished Endowed Chair in Sedimentary and Petroleum Geology was dedicated in his name at the school’s Department of Geology and Geological Engineering. The gathering was held at Mines at President and Mrs. Bill Scoggins’ home on September 29 and attended by Dr. Weimer; his partner of 64 years, Ruth; sons Tom, Paul and Carl; several grandchildren; and many former students, friends and colleagues. Dr. Weimer provided a few words at the reception, including a phrase he has often repeated: “What greater joy can one have than to know that your work has had an impact on people’s lives?” Dr. Weimer’s grandchildren even thought the dedication was “totally awesome.”

The Distinguished Endowed Chair was created to acknowledge Dr. Weimer for his more than 55 years of contributions to Colorado School of Mines and the broader geological
community. Dr. Weimer has been the recipient of numerous awards for his visionary Rocky Mountain stratigraphic research and for providing a strong positive influence on countless students and fellow geoscientists with whom he has generously and humbly
shared his expertise.

The idea for the Weimer Distinguished Endowed Chair was conceived by Chuck Shultz, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dauntless Energy, Inc. (Professional Degree in
Geology and Geological Engineering ‘61) and brought to reality by Steve Sonnenberg, Professor and Charles Boettcher Distinguished Chair in Petroleum Geology (Ph.D. Geological Engineering ‘81), both former students of Dr. Weimer. Funding for the
endowed chair had already reached $2.5 million by the reception date, due to generous support provided by appreciative former students and a few corporate sponsors. The especially generous support of Erika Lockridge and John Lockridge, President, Mountain
Petroleum Corporation (Professional Degree in Geology and Geological Engineering ‘52) was crucial in quickly achieving the $2.5 million goal.

Please consider support for the Weimer Distinguished Endowed Chair and join those who have honored Dr. Weimer in recognition of his many contributions to Rocky
Mountain geology. Information on how to provide support is available by contacting Alexis Wooll ( at the Colorado School of Mines Foundation.