Search and Discovery Goes Mobile with Abstracts

Title: Search and Discovery Goes Mobile with Abstracts

Publication: The Outcrop, August 2012, p. 19

AAPG Datapages’ online journal, Search and Discovery announced Tuesday (July 10) its first mobile app designed to bring technical abstracts to users of mobile devices. “Most conference apps are all about the exhibit hall,” says Mary Kay Grosvald, Administrative Editor for the website. “Ours will concentrate on the technical information in the program and we are designing it to use the same data format used in the website, so we
save time and money.” AAPG Datapages plans to have the first app ready by October of this year.

Since the late 1990s, Search and Discovery has been the online repository for meeting abstracts, papers from conference sessions, and posters for AAPG and most of its affiliated Sections, Regions, and Societies, now comprising more than 53,000 documents available online.

AAPG Datapages is offering the mobile app to all future conference partners who provide papers and abstracts to Search and Discovery for publication. The Web Team already contacts Sections and Societies for permission to post documents. Offering a mobile app is a way to make sure we add value to the proposition and ensure more people have access to the technical material.