RMAG Foundation Sponsors the Excellence in Teaching of Earth Science Award

Title: RMAG Foundation Sponsors the Excellence in Teaching of Earth Science Award

Publication: The Outcrop, April 2012, p. 11

In 2000, the RMAG Foundation instituted an award to honor elementary or secondary school teachers who have promoted teaching of earth science to K-12 students. The winner receives a commemorative plaque and a $1000 cash award provided by the RMAG Foundation, and is recommended as the RMAG’s candidate to compete for the AAPG Rocky Mountain Section, Teacher of the Year award. This award honors the best earth science teacher in the Front Range area from either an elementary or secondary school.

If you are a teacher or know a of teacher who could be a candidate please contact the K-12 Public Outreach Committee through the RMAG office at 910 16th Street, Suite 1125, Denver, CO 80202, by telephone at 303-573-8621, or email at RMAGdenver@aol.com to receive an application form. The application deadline this year is Friday, May 4, with the winner to be announced on or before May 18.