Smart Apps

Title: Smart Apps

Author: Cat Campbell

Publication: The Outcrop, January 2012, p. 13

Speaking with a friend the other day, I realized just how integral our smart phones are becoming in our lives. He was explaining that while driving on vacation last week, he noticed an outcrop that could be important in some research he is doing. Lacking his trusty Brunton, he simply downloaded an app for the compass, grabbed his strike and dip and continued home.

Smart phones can even do geology now.

The technological capabilities of our smart phones is astounding. In order to try and stay informed, we compiled a list of a few of our favorite geologic apps currently available.

eGeo compass v 1.0.11 by GeoStru Software
Forgot your Brunton? Not a problem, just download this app and grab your strike and dip.

Earthquake Quick Report
Provides a list of the quakes that occurred in the last 24 hours around the globe with an interactive map.

Utah DNR Geosights
Interactive map showing geologic highlights while traveling through Utah including rock hounding locales.

Earth Magazine
A publication of the American Geological Institute provides interesting reading on the latest in earth science.

Rock Logger
Impressive geologic compass and GPS application to record data while in the field.

Volcano Report
Information the most recent eruptions around the globe.

GoExplore Wyoming

Traveling through Wyoming and wondering what you are seeing? Try this app, providing geologic descriptions and tours throughout the state.

We know there are more out there! Send us your favorite apps.