Colorado Geological Survey Announces New Denver Basin Publication

Title: Colorado Geological Survey Announces New Denver Basin Publication

Publication: The Outcrop, February 2012, p. 12


Colorado Geological Survey’s new publication, “Denver basin geologic maps: bedrock geology, structure, and isopach maps of the upper Cretaceous to Paleogene strata between Greeley and Colorado Springs, Colorado” contains data and maps that could be of interest to folks in the oil and gas industry. The report includes structure maps of Top Niobrara, Pierre Ash, Fox Hills, Laramie, and D1. Isopach maps include Top Niobrara to Pierre Ash, Top Pierre Ash to Top Fox Hills, Laramie Formation, and D1; as well as three, east-west basin cross sections . Also included are three fan-distribution maps. The centerpiece is a poster showing bedrock geology of the Denver Basin, stratigraphic column, cross section, and facies distribution from late Cretaceous through Eocene time (donate one to your child’s school). Illustrations include block diagrams and the wonderful DMNS oil paintings showing evolution of landforms and landscapes through time. All in living color!




A hard copy report accompanies the three plates. Striking detail is provided by .pdfs of each map and cross section. The accompanying DVD contains shape files, .pdfs of the maps, .kmz files for Google Earth, and Excel files of tops.

To order this publication by Marieke Dechesne, Bob Raynolds, Peter Barkmann, and Kirk Johnson, visit http://geosurveystore.state.