RMAG Holds Annual Tennis Event

Title: RMAG Holds Annual Tennis Event

Publication: The Outcrop, November 2000, p. 16

Some of the winners of the 2000 RMAG Tennis Tournament.

The 2000 RMAG Tennis Tournament was held September 8th at Racquet World at Inverness. Beautiful sunshine gave way to a little wind in the afternoon when a front blew in, making for some interesting points. However, everyone was a winner with the generous support of our sponsors, and a great time was enjoyed by all.

Ron Touchan won the “A” division. Scott Stapp and Nevzat Dogan shared second place. Lou Bortz crushed the competition in taking first place in the “B” Division. Bob Zilinski repeated his result from last year by coming in second. Lou Bortz also won the Warden Award by winning the most games by a senior tennis player.

Kim Vickery ran the scorekeeper’s table for the second year in a row and again contributed countless hours to making this a successful event. We acknowledge the assistance of the RMAG office and especially Sandi Pellissier. Members of the 2000 Tennis Tournament Committee included Tracy Galloway, Kim Vickery, Tim Lovseth, and Sue Gordon. Terry Britt and Sue Gordon contributed volunteer time. The RMAG and the Tennis Committee also thank the following sponsors of the 2000 Tennis Tournament for their generous support:

Gold Sponsors: Barrett Resources, Schlumberger, Pason Systems USA, Geographix, Halliburton, Hallador Petroleum, Baker Hughes Western Geophysical, Baseline Minerals, and Calpine Natural Gas Company.

Silver Sponsors: Advantage Resources; Denver Earth Resources Library; First Run Data Services; Miller & Tack; Lonetree Energy; Tom Brown Inc.; Kuhn, Carnes and Anderson; Harvey Operating and Production; Grant/Solid State Geophysical; Williams, Turner, & Holmes; and Meagher Oil & Gas Properties.

Bronze Sponsor: Precision Core Analysis

Special thanks go to the Wynkoop Brewing Company for donating a keg of their famous Rail Yard Ale. Also, thanks to the Palomino Euro Bistro, the Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery, and Randy Ross of Racquet World for providing door prizes.