Local Geologists Establish Scholarship Fund

Title: Local Geologists Establish Scholarship Fund

Authors: Bob Sellars and Ed Dolly

Publication: The Outcrop, October 2000, p. 5

A local geologic study group of which Norm Foster was a long-time member recently established the Norman H. Foster Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship is established to encourage and support creative research in applied petroleum geology by a graduate student.

Initial funding for the scholarship has been set at $50,000. Up to this amount will be matched by a private donor for contributions received by December 15, 2000. The RMAG Foundation will collect, manage and administer all the scholarship funds, and select annually one or more students doing research in the Rocky Mountain Region to receive funding from the scholarship.

Norm Foster was an innovative and imaginative explorationist who skillfully utilized his ideas to become a successful petroleum geologist. He was an outstanding leader in the local and national professional geological associations. It is with these things in mind that the members of his study group conceived, and have given some of the initial monetary support, to the ideas of a permanent memorial to this fellow geologist and outstanding member of our profession.

We invite all geologists to join us in contributing toward our goal and to establish this lasting memorial to Norm. Contributions (which are tax deductible) marked for the Foster Memorial Scholarship, may be sent to The Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists Foundation.