RMAG Foundation Excellence in Teaching Award 2000

Title: RMAG Foundation Excellence in Teaching Award 2000

Author: Hal Kellogg

Publication: The Outcrop, September 2000, p. 11

The RMAG Foundation this year instituted an award to honor a teacher who has promoted Excellence in Teaching of Earth Science to elementary or secondary students. Applications were solicited from schools in the Denver Metro area and were judged by
Elmo Brown, Chair of the Education Committee, and by Sue Cluff, Chair of the Awards Committee. The Foundation provided financial support for the $250.00 cash award and plaque.

The first recipient of this award is Mr. John McKinney, who has taught at Castle Rock Middle School for the last eight years. John was highly recommended by his associates. The judges were very impressed by the level of interest he has been able to generate in his students. He is deeply committed to exposing his students to the wonders of the planet, including geology, meteorology, by Hal Kellogg and astronomy. He has written a textbook for use in his courses, and has developed an Extended Learning Class where students expand their learning and venture out to help teach students at other schools.

John McKinney is a fine example of those dedicated teachers who make significant positive impacts on our children.

The award was presented at the regular RMAG Friday Luncheon Meeting on June 2, 2000. It is intended that other deserving teachers be honored with this award in future years.