President’s Column – April 2000

Title: Symposiums as Activity Incubators

Author: R. Randy Ray

Publication: The Outcrop, April 2000, p. 3

The RMAG has taken on a new priority in the millennium, that of running a symposium or conference event in each quarter of the year. The experience of the last few years shows a clear pattern of members wanting inexpensive, one-day symposia that focus on current exploration activity and new technology. Judging from attendance, local professionals find these conferences valuable not only as ways to update their knowledge on special topics, but also as opportunities to network with peers and to keep up with industry activity.

Visitors from outside the state also see these events as good times to come to Denver and make lots of contacts at one place. Commonly, symposia are supported by company sponsorship, which helps to keep costs down and to increase attendance. It is a win-win situation. There is nothing like stirring the pot to get activity bubbling.

This year started with the 6th Annual 3-D Seismic Symposium. Now almost a tradition, it has a niche in mid-February as an annual event. As a joint effort of both the RMAG and Denver Geophysical Society, it continues to draw strong attendance with about 460 attendees this year. It is the kick­off event for a busy schedule of activities through the rest of the year.

Now in its second year, the Coalbed Methane Symposium is lined up for June 20 -22. It will include top quality talks for a day and a half, followed by a field trip to the Raton Basin. Last year’s conference drew 500 plus people. Chairmen Bruce Kelso and Keith Murray are gearing up to provide a repeat performance of this great gathering.

This year’s new kid on the block will be a Basin-Centered Gas Symposium, to be held on September 13th. Ben Law chairs the meeting, which promises to highlight Rocky Mountain basins as models for basin­-centered gas around the world.

To wrap up the year, another Prospect-Property Expo and Technofest is planned for November 9th. Along with our partners, the Denver Area Petroleum Landmen and the Denver Geophysical Society, we plan to move to the Denver Convention Center in order to accommodate increased demand for exhibit space, which sold out last year. The committee has started advertising the event and is targeting a 50% increase in attendance, which was 1000 people last year.

The RMAG continues to work hard at initiating events that keep Denver energized as a regional center for energy in the Rocky Mountains. With a schedule like this, being an RMAG member has real value. Why not encourage your associates to get signed up so they can share in the upcoming activities? By the way, double check to make sure your membership is up to date before the Membership Directory.