Crow Native American Makes History with Ph.D. in Geology

Title: Crow Native American Makes History with Ph.D. in Geology

Author: Misti D. Brady, Colorado School Of Mines, Office Of Public Affairs

Publication: The Outcrop, March 2000, p. 9

Russell Stands Over Bull became the first Crow Native American to earn a Ph.D. in geology when he graduated Dec. 17, 1999, from the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colo.

Russel Stands Over Bull graduates with Ph.D. in Geology from Colorado School of Mines.

Stands Over Bull grew up on the Crow Reservation near Pryor, Montana. He attended Plenty Coups High School. When he graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Montana State University, he became the first student from Plenty Coups High School to graduate from college. In 1993 he came to the Colorado School of Mines, where he earned a master’s and a Ph.D. in geology.

Pursuing higher education has been a challenge. The Rocky Mountain News quoted Stands Over Bull as saying, “When I decided to leave the reservation and come to Mines, some of my peers looked at that move as a betrayal of my tribal identity … there has been a price. Some of my peers confronted me and said, ‘You ‘re no longer part of the tribe.”‘
At the Colorado School of Mines Stands Over Bull established the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) in coordination with Colorado School of Mines’ Minority Engineering Program (MEP). He also is a member of the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists and the Society of Sedimentary Geology.

Stands Over Bull currently is in Scotland working on North Sea oil and gas exploration.