Colorado Celebrates Earth Science Week

Title: Colorado Celebrates Earth Science Week

Author: Susan Landon

Publication: The Outcrop, February 2000, p. 10, 17

Earth Science Week (ESW) is a chance for the public to hear geologists share their knowledge and enthusiasm for the earth sciences. The American Geological Institute (AGI) sponsors ESW. In 1999, thirty­-five governors, including Governor Owens, signed proclamations designating October 10-16 as the second annual ESW. Rep. Cubin (R­-WY) read a statement into the Congressional Record recognizing ESW. President Clinton released a message encouraging celebration of ESW. Every state was host to at least one ESW event. Colorful and informative posters, activity books, postcards, and bookmarks were distributed by AGI to schools across the country. Geological organizations also were encouraged to participate by sponsoring public events. Funding for materials came from groups as diverse as the AAPG and Research Systems Inc., a software development company in Boulder.

The Colorado Geological Survey (CGS) hosted several public field trips across our state during ESW 1999. The response was very enthusiastic. Participants looked primarily at geologic hazards, including heaving bedrocks, rock falls, and landslides.

ESW 2000 will be celebrated October 8-14. If each member of RMAG would do something for ESW 2000, our cumulative effect would be significant. I am going to recommend that RMAG establish a committee to plan, organize, and coordinate activities for future ESWs. One event could be a field trip along the Front Range to discuss petroleum geology with participants from the public. Would anyone like to volunteer? Plan on participating in 2000!

Figure 2. A home on Green Mountain, west of Denver. It has been condemned because of significant damage resulting from a landslide.
Figure 1. David Noe (CGS) describing swelling clays during an ESW field trip last year, using a cookie as a model.