Rockbuster’s Ball and 1999 Awards Banquet

Title: Rockbuster’s Ball and 1999 Awards Banquet

Author: Jewel Wellborn

Publication: The Outcrop, January 2000, p. 9, 13

The Sixteenth Annual Rockbuster’s Ball and Awards Banquet of the RMAG was held at the Columbine Country Club on November 13, 1999. Spirits were high as professionals and their spouses gathered to celebrate the award winners, and another year of success and survival in the oil industry.

Sponsors for the event included Belco Energy, which kindly provided Soap Rock gifts for those in attendance. Basin Exploration and the Colorado Oil and Gas Association provided delicious hors d’oeuvres before dinner, while guests were treated to the enjoyable “rocking” music of the “Mellow Geos,” fellow geologists Gene Shearer and Don Stone accompanied by Marvin Heyer and Don O’Neill. Table decorations and floral arrangements were provided by GeoPlus. Barrett Resources provided the musical entertainment after dinner, and many availed themselves of the dance floor. A delightful formal dinner awaited the guests and no one is believed to have gone home hungry! Between the prime rib, salmon, shrimp, and desserts, all were treated to an early start to the coming holiday season.

After dinner, Gary Nydegger provided a witty and delightfully humorous performance as Master of Ceremonies. Gary presented many of the guest door prizes–ranging from dinner for two at the Top of the Rockies, to an “Oklahoma Credit Card” (nothing other than two siphon hoses and a hand pump!).

Honorary Membership was presented to John Oty and Matt Silverman, in recognition of their many years of valuable service to the RMAG and the geological profession. Paul Kovach was recognized for his role in the significant new field discovery at Stagecoach Draw as the 1999 Outstanding Explorer. Tom Ahlbrandt was honored as the RMAG 1999 Outstanding Scientist for his contributions on petroleum systems, exploration and development.

Donald Stone received the RMAG President’s Special Award for Contributions to Science. Don has continued to share his excitement of his profession and knowledge of our Rocky Mountain geology for over 35 years. Elmo Brown, Claudia Rebne, Tom Adorney and Peggy Williams were presented Distinguished Service Awards for their individual contributions and outstanding service to the RMAG and the public. Scott Montgomery was presented the 1999 Journalism Award.

Peter Moreland did an outstanding job as Chairman and Organizer for the Rockbuster’s Ball. He, with his committee comprised of Eddie Agurkis, Sandi Pellissier, and Bill Smith, are to be commended for a wonderful evening.

After the presentation of awards, those in attendance danced to the fine music of Diana and the Big Time. A charged sense of excitement and anticipation swelled as conversations turned to the upcoming TechnoFest and Prospect Fair – Maybe the new millennium will shine brightly on all of us!