Geologic News from the Colorado State Government

Title: Geologic News from the Colorado State Government

Publication: The Outcrop, January 2000, p. 19

With the new administration in the Colorado State Capital, there have been many changes and several of these have an impact on the geological community. The Colorado Geological Survey Advisory Committee has recently been abolished. It was established by Executive Order of Governor Romer in 1994. This group provided advice on long-term goals of the Survey, appropriate projects and products for the geologic community and the citizens of Colorado, and potential new funding sources. The Executive Order expired on December 31, 1998 but had been maintained informally by the Department through the first half of 1999. The Committee consisted of geologists from oil and gas, mining, water, engineering, and academia and citizens groups.

Governor Owens and his staff have stated that they are working to reduce duplication and eliminate unnecessary boards and committees. The Department of Natural Resources stated that the Advisory Committee function was also a part of the duties of the Minerals, Energy and Geology Policy Advisory Board, which will continue to advise the Department on matters related to geology. Although the membership of this Board, as defined by statute, should include three practicing professional geologists and a member of the Geological Survey Advisory Committee, the new composition of the Board includes only one practicing geologist, who is a petroleum geologist from Durango. The position reserved for the former Advisory Committee is now held by a former local government representative from Garfield County.