2008 RMAG Tennis Tournament

Title: 2008 RMAG Tennis Tournament

Publication: The Outcrop, November 2008, p. 47

The 2008 Tennis Tournament was held on September 19th at the Pinehurst Country Club. The original date, September 12th, was rained out. This year 24 coed participants enjoyed a beautiful day of competition and camaraderie for the 30th annual tournament.

A Division:

1st Place: John Darden
2nd Place: Tim Loveseth
3rd Place: Bob Dale

B-I Division:

1st Place: Dave Donegan
2nd Place: Chet Paris
3rd Place: Vicki Devine

B-II Division:

1st Place: Doran Adams
2nd Place: Frank Royse
3rd Place: Peter Abbey

The Jake Warden Trophy is given Annually to the senior player who wins the most ames. This year’s winner was Frank Royse.