2008 – Honorary Membership Award

Award: Honorary Membership

Recipient: Robert M. Cluff

Published in: The Outcrop, November 2008, p. 38

The Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists is pleased to present Robert M. Cluff with its highest award of Honorary Membership.

During an eight year period he has been a Board member four times: 2nd Vice-President in 1999; 1st Vice-President in 2002; President-Elect 2005, followed by President in 2006. He has also served on the Publications and Continuing Education committees. Bob’s service on the Board highlighted his considerable skills as an effective and efficient leader.

As a result, Bob’s service to the RMAG during the last decade has been marked by constructive changes and advancements in the Association. He has been the driving force behind providing the technical expertise that allowed for the digital publication of RMAG Guidebooks dating back to 1937, the Atlas of Rocky Mountain Geology, and the Mountain Geologist dating back to inception.

Bob built on the existing base of computer technology to make it more efficient for the operation of the RMAG office. He donated a server, which allowed for the safekeeping of all of the Association’s data, and the connecting of the office computers. He was instrumental in the development of the website, with its digital membership directory, which provides up-to-date membership information and up-to-date on line information on the many activities of the Association. These advancements, along with improving the level of computer capability, have helped to improve the digital functions of the office operation, and represent a long-term benefit to the membership.

In 2007, after his term as President, Bob reactivated the Long Range Planning Committee, bringing the committee to the forefront in organizing plans for the future of the Association. Under his leadership, the committee proposed innovative changes in staff management, including division of various staff functions and duties in handling financial responsibilities and daily operations. Implementation of these proposals has made for a more efficient distribution of work tasks and general functioning of the office.

In addition to his skillful leadership, Bob has given volunteer time to author a wide variety of technical papers and talks for symposia and guidebooks including receiving the award for the best presentation at the Low Permeability Reservoir Symposium in 2005. He is also active, either in a leadership role or as an author, in several other oil industry scientific organizations.

It is with great pleasure and warm gratitude that the RMAG recognizes the exceptional leadership and commitment of Robert M. Cluff by making him an Honorary Member of the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists.