2008 – Distinguished Service to Earth Science Award

Award: Distinguished Service to Earth Science

Recipient: Spencer J. Flournoy

Published in: The Outcrop, November 2008, p. 39

The Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists would like to honor Spencer J. Flournoy for Distinguished Public Service to Earth Science for his efforts to help improve the lives of those in Sudan through the use of his education and experience as a geologist and business owner.

Spence owned and operated Columbine Logging for 25 years until several years ago when he sold his company and retired. In retirement he decided he wanted to help people with the knowledge he gained through his years in the petroleum industry. He joined the advisory board of the Nuba Water Project, a group of people dedicated to bringing clean water to the Nuba mountain people of southern Sudan. This is an area of limited water resources and a prolonged civil war that has resulted in the destruction of what little water infrastructure existed. Refugees are now returning to the area, and people walk miles each day to bring water back to their villages as they struggle to survive. Water is plentiful in the mountains but there is no infrastructure to deliver the water to the villages. Spence has made several long trips to the Sudan to assist in surveying and mapping to determine possible locations for dams and water pipelines so that water infrastructure can be rebuilt and safe water supplies can be brought to the people who most need them. Once project locations are defined, he coordinates with the Sudanese government to obtain the necessary permits to allow the projects to go forward. While doing the field work and permitting, Spencer lives among the natives in the villages, which gives him firsthand experience as to how his work on this project can help transform the lives of these people who battle daily to exist.

The Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists would like to recognize this excellent application of geologic knowledge and expertise that benefits those less fortunate by presenting the Distinguished Service to Earth Science Award to Spencer J. Flournoy.