In Memoriam: Lewis L. (Lou) Tuck

Title: In Memoriam: Lewis L. (Lou) Tuck

Publication: The Outcrop, June 2008, p. 21

Lewis L. (Lou) Tuck passed away on April 13, 2008 at the Littleton Adventist Hospital. Lou was 89 years old, born January 29, 1919 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Lou spent his early years in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. He graduated from the University of Illinois in 1940 with a major in Geology. In 1940 Lou went to the University of Texas for his MS in Petroleum Engineering.

Lou worked in the Illinois Basin as a Geologist-Engineer, bringing two drilling rigs to the Rockies for Lewis Drilling Company in 1950. Later Lou started Great Plains Resources, Inc., headquartered in Littleton, Colorado.

In 1942, Lou married Elizabeth Lewis and they had four children, eight grandchildren and six great grandchildren. Lou lived the American dream, married to his lovely lady Libby for 66 years, drilling for oil and flying the finest airplanes and racing horses.