Call for Papers: RMAG & UGA 2008 Fall Symposium on Hydrocarbon Systems and Production in the Uinta Basin, Utah

Title: Call for Papers: RMAG & UGA 2008 Fall Symposium on Hydrocarbon Systems and Production in the Uinta Basin, Utah

Publication: The Outcrop, January 2008, p. 32

In the 15+ years since the last major symposium on the Uinta Basin was published (Fouch et al., 1992), the basin has been the focus of numerous exploration and development efforts that have richly rewarded individuals, companies, tribes, and the State of Utah. Thus, the time is ripe for another look at the various factors that make this hydrocarbon-rich basin so prolific.

RMAG and the Utah Geological Association (UGA) plan to combine forces to publish a 2008 Symposium focused on various aspects of stratigraphy, structure, hydrocarbon systems, reservoir case histories, and field development in the basin. Toward this goal, the RMAG and UGA are soliciting abstracts for possible inclusion in this symposium.

Co-editors of the volume for the RMAG are Donna Anderson (EOG Resources and CSM), Edmund R. “Gus” Gustason (El Paso E & P Company), and Mark Longman (Questar E & P). Representing the UGA as a co-editor is Craig Morgan with the Utah Geological Survey.

Authors who are interested in contributing a paper sho.uld submit a title and short description or abstract (one paragraph is sufficient) by January 31, 2008. Submit an electronic copy of the proposed title, abstract/statement, and contact information to any of the editors.

Complete format requirements will be provided to authors by February 15, 2008 upon acceptance of the abstract. In order to publish the symposium in the Fall of 2008, preliminary manuscripts are due March 31st. Completed manuscripts incorporating comments by the reviewers will be due June 15, 2008. Manuscripts should be limited to about 20 final layout pages including figures and references. Text should be less than 15 double spaced pages not including references. Because the symposium will be distributed in DVD format, we welcome well-illustrated manuscripts that use color and large-format figures.

Fouch, T.D., V.F. Nuccio and T.C. Chidsey, Jr., eds., 1992, Hydrocarbon and Mineral Resources of the Uinta Basin, Utah Geological Association Guidebook 20, 472 p.