Wattenberg Revisited

Title: Wattenberg Revisited

Publication: The Outcrop, October 2006, p. 7

Photo by Lou Bortz.

Photograph of Steve Sonnenberg (left), Pete Matuszczak (center), and Bob Weimer (right) taken following the August 18th RMAG-DGS luncheon. Sonnenberg and Weimer presented a paper titled “Wattenberg Field, A Near Miss, and Lessons Learned After 35 Years of Development History.” Pete Matuszczak is credited with the discovery of the giant Wattenberg Field in 1970. He was one of the first geologists to recognize the potential of basin center accumulations in the Rockies. He recognized a potential accumulation by studying the old dry holes in an area between Denver and Greeley, CO. He interpreted a widespread “delta front” sandstone (Muddy-J) which had gas shows in DSTs and cores. The core analysis data compared favorably with core data from producing wells in the San Juan Basin. He convinced his company, Amoco Pro­duction Company, to drill in the area, which led to Wattenberg’s discovery in 1970. Matuszczak was awarded the RMAG Out-standing Explorer Award for the discovery. The Greater Wattenberg Area (Wattenberg and adjacent fields) has produced over 4 TCFE to date. Weimer and Sonnenberg have published several articles about the Wattenberg area.