RMAG is on a Role!

Title: RMAG is on a Role!

Author: Clare P. Marshall

Publication: The Outcrop, Dec. 2006, p. 30

On October 7, 15 members of RMAG assisted with the third annual Rocks and Roles: Women on the Ridge. This celebration of women in geology is cosponsored by the Girl Scouts Mile Hi Council and the Association for Women Geoscientists. The goal is to encourage girls to view science as a possible career, through talking to professional women scientists and learning about the earth. The girls can earn badges while exploring the geology and paleontology of one of our treasured natural resources.

The first scout day at Dinosaur Ridge, in which RMAG assisted, was the first annual Boy Scout Day last May. Many members enjoyed the Boy Scouts so much, that they were eager to help the Girl Scouts in October; and, AWG needed help.

The first Rocks and Roles in 2004 brought together 12 volunteers and about 300 people. The second, in 2005, had about 15 volunteers-and over 1,000 people! Many of those volunteers burned out. This year, RMAG member Dwaine Edington rounded up more scientists from RMAG and AEG; the event had around 60 volunteers and 1,300 visitors. The large number of volunteers allowed all to enjoy their time with the Girl Scouts, including eating a hot lunch which was provided by the Friends of Dinosaur Ridge and cooked by two Girl Scout troops.

The Friends of Dinosaur Ridge have discovered a need in the community for high-quality earth science education. With your help, these scout days can open the eyes of young and old alike, to appreciate the wonder each of us finds in our planet.

Thanks to the following RMAG members who participated in this event (with apologies to anyone we may have missed):

Mick Brownfield and his wife, Isabelle explained rocks and minerals; Jill Carlson; Chris Carroll helped with both Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts; Dwaine Edington; Kathy Emme demonstrated the new track pit; Bob Koehler; Becky Kowalski, from the USGS, talked about Geologic time and geology careers; John Mahoney; Katie Joe McDonough waved her arms at the Red Rocks overlook; Christine McLelland; Betty Rall, a former Girl Scout, helped the girls with 3 different badges; Gary Robinson not only worked the Denver Basin stop at Rocks and Roles, but also organized the 120 Boy Scout Merit Badge scouts in May; Linda Soar; Lou Taylor managed the entire Jurassic side of the ridge; and Jim Watson.