RMAG Foundation: Award for Excellence in Teaching Earth Science 2008

Title: RMAG Foundation: Award for Excellence in Teaching Earth Science 2008

Publication: The Outcrop, September 2008, P. 9

For the eighth year, the RMAG Foundation has honored a teacher that actively promotes “Excellence in Teaching of Earth Science.” The recipient receives a plaque and a cash award, provided by the RMAG Foundation. The generous donations and supporters of the task of choosing an award winner an especially difficult one.

Annette Calabretta, 2008 Excellence in Teaching Award recipient.

The 2008 recipient of our Excellence in Teaching Award is Ms. Annette Calabretta. Annette holds a B.S. degree geology from the University of Puget Sound and M.Ed. from Regent University; she has been a teacher for 10 years. She teaches secondary school (grades 9-12) earth science classes at “The Classical Academy” in Colorado Springs. In addition to teaching earth science, she also teaches advanced placement environmental science, and astronomy. She also is a volunteer coach for the women’s softball program. Her colleagues attest that she is passionate about teaching earth science and makes the subject come alive for her students with hands-on activities that are relevant to real-life situations.

Annette’s curriculum embraces learning styles that ensures each student is competent with the course material. Her goals are to expose students to natural process that are at work around them for an understanding and appreciation of forces that sculpt the landscape they see. She provides her students with the opportunity to study their world through inquiry end laboratory base activities. She leads field trips into the Garden of the Gods State Park and the Cripple Creek Mining District. In addition, her students are required to take a field trip to a local geological site on their own. A culminating project for her students is to research a National Park and present their findings to fellow students and create an interest to one day visit that park. Students are required to put together a brochures explaining local, state, and U.S. geology, the best of these brochures are given to local Bed & Breakfast establishments for visitors to use.

Annette Calabretta is an outstanding example of those dedicated teachers who make a significant and positive impact on our children. She represents the best of those who teach earth science and is an exceptionally deserving educator.