Norman H. Foster Memorial Scholarship 2006

Title: RMAG Foundation Awards the Norman H. Foster Memorial Scholarship to Elizabeth Hajek and Justin Tully

Publication: The Outcrop, June 2006, p. 34-35

From left to right: Kimberly Foster-Garneau, Justin Tully, Elizabeth Hajek and Janet Foster.

The Norman H. Foster Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually by the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists Foundation to encourage and support creative research in applied petroleum geology by a graduate student. Candidates should have a principle petroleum geology research area in the Rocky Mountains, including the Williston Basin and Eastern Nevada. The application of fieldwork and innovative techniques contributed greatly to Dr. Foster’s success, and are considered in reviewing the candidates.

Norm Foster was an innovative and successful oil explorationist. He was past-president of the RMAG and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists. This scholarship in the memory of Dr. Foster is endowed for the purpose of establishing a lasting memorial to his life, exceptional professional work and contributions. The endowed funds came from Norm’s geological study group, RMAG members, the RMAG Foundation, and his friends and family. Present at the award ceremony were Norm’s wife Janet Foster and daughter Kimberly Garneau.

This year’s recipients are:

Elizabeth Hajek received her BA in Geology and Geography from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, her MS in Geology at the University of Wyoming, and is just beginning work towards a Ph.D. in Geology from Wyoming. To date, she has been given 15 different awards and grants from AAPG, GSA, and NSF among others.

Elizabeth’s thesis subject is “Quantitative analysis of avulsion clusters in alluvial basins.” She states that she is very interested in this project because it incorporates a wide range of data sets and techniques, including field work, 3D seismic, experimental stratigraphy and geostatistics. She hopes this work will shed light on intrinsic and extrinsic controls on basin-scale stratigraphic architecture that will not only improve reservoir characterization and prediction, but also provide insights into factors controlling river behavior on long time scales.

Justin Tully obtained his BS in Geology from Western State College in Gunnison and is working towards completing an MS in Geology in 2007 at Montana State aniversity in Bozeman. He was an intern last year at Western Gas Resources and will intern this year at Ansbro Petroleum.

Justin’s thesis title is “Structural style and evolution of the Elk Range Thrust, western Colorado,” in an area northeast of Crested Butte. He intends to extend mapping of the Elk Range Thrust across the Pearl Pass Quadrangle, measuring slickensides, fault-related fracture sets, fold orientations, and strain markers, and will integrate these data into a geometric-kinematic strain analysis of the area. He will use these data in concert with regional, balanced cross sections to evaluate his central hypothesis that the Elk Range Thrust system geometry represents the up-plunge termination of the Grand Hogback monocline. This study will provide new methods for interpreting deep structural systems and will contribute forward-thinking analogs for future subsurface exploration in complex structural provinces.

The RMAG Foundation was pleased to present Elizabeth and Justin a scholarship of $2,500 each along with a copy of the “Handbook of Exploration” co-edited by Norm Foster and donated by Ira Pasternack, RMAG member and past recipient of the Norm Foster Memorial Scholarship.