Members Talk Back

Title: Members Talk Back

Publication: The Outcrop, April 2006, p. 34

Editors’note: The following quotations are selected from numerous responses to the President’s column in the February Outcrop titled “THIS is Intelligence?”

“Dear Mr. Cluff: Your perceptive article: ‘THIS is Intelligence?’ deserves cheers from all reasonably minded people, and it summons words of gratitude from the ancient geologist who writes this letter… Most, if not all, of us old duffers have been astonished at the sudden resurrection of what we regarded as a matter long ago resolved.”

“… an excellent presentation of a difficult subject. Perhaps you should start wearing a bulletproof vest, as there may be a few shooters out there.”

“With a few short words you summed up the feelings of most geoscientists that I know. ”

“This ‘controversy’ is one politically charged topic that I feel passionate about but haven’t quite found the voice to join the argument. I am sorry to admit we are losing the battle with the religious right.”

“I hope we don’t look back on the end of the 20th century as the peak of enlightenment. Science has been a threat to fundamental religion advocates/or centuries or should 1 say millennia. What is particularly frustrating to me is that some people in our industry are comfortable with a billions year old earth Monday through Saturday and a 6,000 year old earth the rest of the week.”

“As a native AND reborn Kansan, I enjoyed your ‘THIS is Intelligence?’ column… it really is nice to encounter a (very) well written piece from the geo-nerd community — or ANY community for that matter.”

“I agree with you that it is time for people trained in the sciences to start speaking up. One of the principal responsibilities of science is to lift humanity out of the mire of primitive superstition. … Thank you for the wake up call.”

“For the most part, I think the conversation (ID vs Science) is like discussing art with a color blind person. The religious side is firmly parked in the ‘I believe’ camp and logic is not the weapon with which to impress the argument. Similarly, much of the science (geologic­ evolution) side is mired in the ‘I’m 50-something and sure would like there to be a heaven’ hope and will not take on the debate with the gusto it deserves.”

“… Even though these people ( in a church discussion group) are ‘educated’ in the sciences ( engineers, biologists, physicists, a pilot) they truly do not understand what science is!!!”

“Just wanted to say thanks for your article in the February Outcrop about ID. It’s an argument that seems somewhat frivolous to those of us with scientific background, however you’ re spot on in thinking that the issue will come up in Colorado and the geological community owes the public-at-large a sound, knowledgeable position.”

“Thank you for publishing your thoughtful and, in my mind, on the money opinion. pieces in the Outcrop President’s column. 1 agree with you that there are some very big and very important conversations going on in our society today and that the analytical or scientific voice is not being heard, or is being twisted out of context when it is heard… I applaud your efforts to begin the necessary dialogue, at least within our organization.”