Luncheon – November 9, 2007

Title: Discovery and Development of Parshall Field (Bakken), Mountrail County, North Dakota

Speaker: Michael Johnson, Independent Geologist

Date: November 9, 2007

Publication: The Outcrop, November 2007, p. 27

Parshall Field, discovered by EOG Resources in 2006 (3-T152N-R90W, Mountrail County, ND), now ranks as the best Bakken oil field in North Dakota. Over 15 producers have been completed, all with initial potential of over 1000 BOPD. All wells have been completed as single horizontal laterals on 640-acre spacing. The producing zone is the middle member of the Bakken at 9200 feet. Flow rates and pressures far exceed those of all other North Dakota Bakken fields. Discovery history, geologic setting, trap, reserves and reservoir will be discussed for this pool, which has the potential of becoming a major oil field.