Utah Geological Survey Soliciting Proposals for Hydrocarbon Research

Title: Utah Geological Survey Soliciting Proposals for Hydrocarbon Research

Publication: The Outcrop, June 2007, p. 28

The Utah Geological Survey is soliciting geologic research proposals to help improve the characterization of Utah’s hydrocarbon reservoirs primarily at the play level, but also at the field, basin, or province scale. The objective of the geologic research is to fulfill one or more of the following: (1) natural gas resource potential, (2) oil resource potential, (3) unconventional oil and gas resources such as tar sands and oil shale, and (4) geologic studies in mineral lease counties with significant oil, gas, and coal production. The goal of this work is to sustain development through diversification of energy supplies and mitigate the impacts of boom-bust cycles.

The Utah Geological Survey anticipates awarding up to a cumulative total of $200,000 for individual 10-month contracts from $20,000 to $30,000 each. Lower cost proposals will be welcomed. The proposal must represent original work that has not been published before. The research and all deliverables will become public domain and cannot be proprietary or copyrighted material.

The proposed geologic research can include, but is not limited to: (1) improving the state’s assessment of its hydrocarbon reserves and future hydrocarbon resource potential, (2) identifying reservoir features, untapped compartments, or recovery techniques to encourage more effective exploitation of proven reserves, (3) improving the understanding of the play’ s depositional history, trapping mechanism, source rocks, and generation/migration of hydrocarbons to encourage exploration for new or untapped hydrocarbon reserves, and (4) general geologic studies (for example, mapping) that may provide insight into Utah’s fossil energy potential. Also, smaller, low-cost proposals that may involve compiling extensive previous work into usable databases will be considered.

The proposal needs to describe: (1) planned research, (2) approach, (3) benefit to the State under one or more of the four targets outlined in the first paragraph, (4) deliverables (products), (5) time schedule for deliverables, and (6) a milestone schedule that can be used for tracking progress of the work. Deliverables should include maps, cross sections, final interpretative report and databases, all in paper and electronic form (specify format), to fully support the research. Databases should contain well and sample locations, formation tops and thickness, porosity and permeability data, source rock chemistry, and any other data relevant to the proposed research. The databases and research, in general, should represent something that can be updated and built on in the future.

The deadline for submission of proposals is August 3, 2007.

All questions must be submitted via e-mail to Craig Morgan at craigmorgan@utah.gov.

Answers will be given via an addendum posted on the solicitation website.

Questions submitted after July 17, 2007, may not be answered.

The full solicitation can be accessed at: http://geology.utah.gov/utahgeo/energy/solicitation.htm

The Utah Geological Survey is an applied scientific agency that creates, interprets, and provides information about Utah’s geologic environment, resources, and hazards to promote safe, beneficial, and wise use of land.