Stone and Hollberg Create Scholarship

Title: Stone and Hollberg Create Scholarship

Publication: The Outcrop, March 2008, p. 27

Don Stone and John Hollberg have made generous gifts to the RMAG Foundation to establish a scholarship fund to be known as the Stone-Hollberg Graduate Scholarship in Structural Geology. The Foundation has contributed $10,000 to the Fund, bringing the initial balance of the Fund to a total of $50,000.

Stone said, “Setting up a scholarship was an idea that I had been considering for some time. Back in 1951, I was lucky enough to attend Cornell University graduate school on a scholarship in structural geology that paid my tuition and a little extra. I would not have been able to attend Cornell without this financial help and might have ended up in a different profession and missed out on the excitement and the challenges of structural interpretation in the search for petroleum. It seemed time to do something to acknowledge this debt. John did not hesitate to agree with these sentiments and with the scholarship idea.”

The Fund will provide one or more scholarships directly to graduate students in Structural Geology throughout Colorado and Wyoming, including those at the University of Colorado, the Colorado School of Mines, Colorado State University and the University of Wyoming. Other colleges and universities may be included in the future.

Initially, the Fund will be used to provide one $2500 scholarship annually. This amount is expected to increase in the future, as other donations end investment results permit.

The Fund will also benefit from all profits from sales of the Wyoming Transect, a DVD-based group of 15 continuous structural cross-sections through Wyoming. The transect was drawn across the state of Wyoming from the northern Black Hills to the Wyoming thrust belt, a distance of some 400 miles, traversing the important oil- and gas-producing basins and the intervening mountain ranges of the central Rocky Mountain foreland. Constructed and copyrighted by Stone in 1987, the Wyoming Transect relies on an extensive geologic and seismic data base. It provides a detailed foundation for analyzing structural relationships on both a regional and local scale. This transect is currently available through the RMAG.

Tax-deductible donations to the Stone-Hollberg Graduate Scholarship in Structural Geology may be made payable to RMAG Foundation and sent to the RMAG office, 820 16th street, Suite 505, Denver, CO 80202. Please specify this scholarship on your check.