2009 – Honorary Membership

Award: Honorary Membership

Recipient: Jewel E. Wellborn

Publication: The Outcrop, November 2009, p. 27

The Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists is pleased to present Jewel E. Wellborn with its highest award – Honorary Membership.

Jewel has been an RMAG member since 1994. Since that time she has held the positions of President (2007), President-Elect (2006), 2nd Vice-President (2004), Continuing Education Committee Chair (2002-2003), Luncheon Speaker Chairman (1999-2000), and MPG Delegate for Rocky Mountain Section (2005-2009). Jewel has been an active member of MPG for over 30 years, and an active member of SEG for 10 years.

During her tenure as President, Jewel was instrumental in, and the driving force behind, the complete rewrite of the RMAG bylaws. By today’s standards, the RMAG Bylaws were out-of-date and somewhat antiquated. Jewel put forth the initiative to rewrite the bylaws so that they would be streamlined and comply with current technology and government regulations. The complete rewrite took months to complete and involved technical and legal assistance. The new bylaws included wording which reflected the use of modern communication and technology by members during elections. Complex language was simplified and written more clearly. The final product was reviewed by legal counsel to ensure consistency and to be in compliance with current laws for non-profit organizations, such as RMAG.

Jewel also realized the need for additional monetary accountability within the RMAG. She helped create the position of RMAG Treasurer-elect and oversaw the hiring of a part-time accountant and additional office staff to ensure the organization’s good health and to better serve the membership. The RMAG website was also updated to include job search and employment opportunities for its members.

It is for these reasons that the RMAG recognizes the exceptional leadership and commitment of Jewel E. Wellborn by making her an Honorary Member of the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists.