RMAG Public Issues Committee – September 2009

Title: RMAG Public Issues Committee

Author: Larry Anna, Denis Foley and Logan MacMillan

Publication: The Outcrop, September 2009, p. 6

Our purpose within RMAG is to inform our membership of scientists regarding public policy issues and new resource regulations/legislation being considered at various levels of our government. Our hope is that such information assists each of us as citizens to become more knowledgeable about the specifics of issues that may impact our profession and livelihoods and to make our opinions heard to our representatives and regulators when we feel appropriate.

The Public Issues Committee’s main vehicle to share information is the Public Issues button on the RMAG website (http://www.rmag.org/public_issues/index.asp). It is organized into Time Sensitive material, Other Issues and Information and Links of Interest. Articles and links posted are a good overview for research on currently active regulations and legislation. The links represent a broad spectrum of political action. Time Sensitive includes legislation and regulation changes that are currently open to comment from citizens as well as public comment windows for BLM Resource Management Plans, Environmental Impact Statements, etc. On rare occasion, information will be distributed via the RMAG email list concerning very short fuse input windows. We invite you to check out this emerging resource from the RMAG website. Members are encouraged to email suggestions, concerns and comments for PIC to staff@rmag.org.