Neo-Geo Adventure, Round One

Title: Neo-Geo Adventure, Round One

Author: Cat Campbell

Publication: The Outcrop, October 2009, p. 22

Photo by Natasha Rigg.

“Should we not get too close to that?” questioned a weary Neo-Geo eyeing the uranium roll front looming in the outcrop above. The question was rapidly dismissed as we all stood in awe of the rock containing oil stains, the infamous roll front, a nice yellow dusting of sulfur, and many other sedimentary features. This was but one of the numerous outcrops visited in the front range between Morrison and Golden by a group of 10 Neo-Geos led by Steve Sonnenberg from the School of Mines on August 8th.

The tour was only a glimpse into the incredible rocks that surround our everyday lives just a few miles from Denver. Peter Bucknam, the trip organizer summarizes, “We ran the trip to give younger geologists an introduction to the geology of the Denver area, starting from the base of our strat column and working up. We’re lucky to have such a great exposure so close to town.”

Several future trips are planned, including a continuation of this front range sequence to look at the Lyons and Fountain Formations north of our last trip. These trips are free for interested geologists, keep your eyes on the Outcrop for upcoming dates!