In Memoriam: Edward F. Durkee

Title: In Memoriam: Edward F. Durkee (November 1928 – June 1, 2009)

Author: Kristoffer Fellowes

Publication: The Outcrop, September 2009, p. 16

Edward F. Durkee passed on Monday June 1, 2009, in Manila, Philippines. Ed was born in Kirby, Wyoming, in November, 1928, where his dad was an oil rig builder. After serving in the U.S. Marines from 1946 to 1948, he enrolled at the University of Wyoming to study geology. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in 1952 and his Master of Arts degree in 1953.

Following graduation, his initial employment was with Gulf Oil Corp in 1953. Ed joined American Overseas Petroleum Inc. (Chevron/Texaco; Caltex) in 1956 doing field work on structural and stratigraphic surveys in the Philippines until 1958. In 1958, Ed was transferred to Central Sumatra and then to Ankara, Turkey. In the early 1960’s he was transferred to Brisbane, Australia where he was also the Australian correspondent assisting Robert E. King on the AAPG Worldwide Energy annual Petroleum publication. Ed and his family returned to Colorado in 1967 and he joined Basic Earth Sciences Inc. as an International Exploration Project Manager. In 1971, he was a main player with Ached El Dib in negotiating the Qatar offshore concession for Adolph Lundin et. al. in Geneva, Switzerland. In 1975, Edward Durkee & Selmer Pederson formed Worldwide Exploration Consultants Inc. where he worked on numerous international projects, from South America and Africa to Australia and beyond, including studies for the World Bank on Papua New Guinea and Somalia. The PNG Project was reportedly the most successful World Bank project of its type to that time with new exploration investments amounting to 500 million dollars resulting in several significant discoveries in subsequent years!

Ed was an international advisor for Lundin from 1987 seeking exploration/development ventures in the Far East, and he obtained exploration concessions in Malaysia (resulting in production) and Papua New Guinea (PPL 87 which resulted in the offshore Pandora gas discovery) in association with a number of companies including Pacarc Limited. He also obtained GSEC 54 offshore Palawan, Philippines which was later turned to Crestone Energy, Denver, Co. In 1994, Ed opened a Far East Consulting office in Manila, Philippines. In the early 90s he also joined MD Kerry Doble on the board of Australian Stock Exchange listed Pacrim Energy Limited as Exploration Director taking Pacrim into plays in Turkey, the Philippines, New Zealand and Myanmar. Ed traveled the World, visiting and negotiating with National Oil Company offices and international oil companies He was a gentleman and scholar and became a close friend with many of the international petroleum people he had the pleasure of meeting and discussing their petroleum potential in the world economic market. Edward F. Durkee was a member of AAPG member since 1953. Ed participated in International activities to the FULLEST and to the last moment. His latest article was published in the Oil & Gas Journal on May 25, 2009, entitled “Smallest Philippine Block has Shallow Gas Deep Reef Potential.”