Geologic Educational Resources are Now Available on the Internet

Title: Geologic Educational Resources are Now Available on the Internet

Author: Elmo Brown

Publication: The Outcrop, October 2009, p. 38

Now that the school year has begun, teachers, students and geologic professionals who have been asked to make presentations to classes or civic groups are looking for resource material. In the last year, the AAPG has initiated two web resources to fit the bill. One, developed by the AAPG’s Youth Education Activities committee (YEA) is specifically designed for classroom teachers and visiting professionals and is located on the AAPG website at This site not only has links to other internet resources but also contains a handbook, developed in coordination with AGI, for geologists visiting the classroom with activities and tips on how to make the best use of the geologist’s and student’s time. This webpage also includes information on Earth Science Week activities (this year it will be held during the week of October 11-17), AAPG Teacher of the Year information, a couple of virtual field trips, and information about the Maps in Schools Project promoted by members of the Corpus Christi Geologic Society. If you haven’t heard, the goal of the Maps in Schools Project is to have a USGS geologic map in every school in the USA. Over 1300 maps have been donated to schools to date, with most maps donated in the coastal bend area of Texas. However, the project has branched out into a dozen other states but according to the website’s map, not yet including Colorado. If interested in donating maps in your area, check out the website.

The other resource, designed by the Public Outreach committee of the AAPG, is geared more to the general public with general information and links specific to the petroleum industry. The four subcategories, Petroleum Thru Time, World of Petroleum, Geology & Petroleum, and Petroleum Technology, contain short information bites for each designated topic and a list of internet resources that go into much more intricate detail. This site is great for finding websites that fully explain all of the aspects of the oil and gas business. As the site’s mission statement says, “This website is built and maintained by actual geologists, who want to share with you their passion for the Earth and what they do. They want to answer your questions about where oil actually comes from and share their role in exploring the wonders of our planet. Their goal is to help you better understand the history of oil and gas exploration and the role oil and gas plays in today’s world. Who better to talk about these topics than the very people who search for and discover oil and gas?”

For those geologists who are passionate about their careers (and which ones are not!) and want to share their geologic knowledge with others, these two sites are a must see for resources usable in the classroom and civic arenas.