Fall Symposium, 2009

Title: Unconventional Reservoirs: Oil and Gas Shales and CBM

Presented by: RMAG and PTTC

Date & Location: September 14, 2009, Marriott Hotel Downtown Denver

Publication: The Outcrop, September 2009, p. 20

The 2009 Fall Symposium promises to be another outstanding meeting and a great opportunity to connect with new ideas and new clients who are active in the Rockies. An exhibit area will be set up again for perusal during the lunch period and breaks. The Symposium will be a full day of talks, lunch, and an evening social hour. The Symposium registration fee includes access to the exhibits, continental breakfast and luncheon, refreshment breaks, and talks. Focus of the talks includes major reservoirs in the Rocky Mountains and elsewhere.

Some of the topics to be discussed:

  • Tim Berge, Development and Reservoir Characterization of Fractured Reservoirs (Barnett Shale)
  • Mark Williams, Bakken Sweet Spot in the Parshall Field Area of Mountrail County, North Dakota
  • Robert Richardson, Fletcher Gulch Field, Rio Blanco Colorado: A new Upper Cretaceous Williams Fork Coalbed Gas Pool
  • Rob Sterling, The Mowry Shale, Review of Potential in the Big Horn Basin
  • Robert Boswell, Re-emerging Niobrara Shale Oil Play: Geochemical and Tectonis Evidence for a Large Basin Centered Accumulation
  • Peter Moreland, The Pennsylvanian Gothic Shale Gas Resource Play of the Paradox Basin
  • John Peterson, Methane Seepage: Measuring the Flux, Recovering Lost Resources and Preserving the Environment
  • Jay Leonard, Utica Shale: Another Shale Gas Opportunity in the Northeast