Board of Directors Meeting – July 2009

Title: RMAG July Board of Directors Meeting

Author: Jay Leaver, Secretary

Publication: The Outcrop, September 2009, p. 25

The Board of Directors met on July 15th in the conference room of the University Building. The next regularly scheduled BOD meetings are to be at the same venue, at 4:00 p.m., on Wednesday August 19, September 16, and October 14. These meetings are open to the membership.

The Meeting began as usual, with some griping that Approval of Minutes would be easier if the Secretary could be bothered to send them out at least an hour before the BOD Meeting. The Secretary was not fazed, and explained magnanimously that he thought that’s why they were called Minutes, so that one could read them in the minutes before the meeting. But if everyone else insists on being so pedestrian, he will try to both compose and deliver somewhat earlier. This exchange was, needless to say, expunged from the Hours.

The Meeting continued then according to form, with much nail biting and tears as the Treasurer’s Report was read. Expenses are up, income is down, we’ve got to cut corners, etc. etc. (Seriously, I could stay home to hear this sort of stuff.) Upshot was we had to dip into our Rainy Day Fund to tide us over until the first payment from the AAPG comes in for the Convention, but Jim says no one should get alarmed.

Did you know RMAG will be putting on a Fall Symposium on Unconventional Reservoirs? No? Well, get out there and buy your tickets, folks, because it’s going to be a great Symposium, featuring Shale Gas outside of the Rockies (where people can make money on it), and Shale Oil here in the Rockies (where the rocks aren’t baked to cinders). And next Symposium please sign up early, because your friendly neighborhood RMAG Board is about going apoplectic trying to figure out what we can do to make this kind of thing a success and it would really help if a few of the people we know are going to make it would tell us so before we decide to cut the food budget by serving a lunch of breadcrumbs and frac water. (Just kidding – Marriott lunches are great and Jim says no one should be alarmed.)

The Prospect Fair is shaping up to be a good one. There was some muttering that this is because no one can sell prospects right now, and so sellers are desperate for any venue, but we know it’s really because organization of the Fair has been taken on by Karen Suhaka, and that young lady is dy­no-mite! Get your booths while they’re hot!

We are learning a hard lesson with the Paradox Basin Guidebook: even with electronic publishing, 900+ pages and the extensive edits they require will eat up any budget. We are facing a substantial shortfall on this publication, so even if you thought the Paradox was the party of two on the green ahead of you, please rush out and buy a copy as soon as it comes available. Take a cue from your hard-working Secretary, and don’t wait until the last Minute! Or Hour, even.

On a final note, the RMAG BOD had a teleconference on 7-24 to approve the temporary hire of Sherri Deal in the RMAG offices. This is because Joshua Robbins has been away for an extended period for medical reasons. Please join me in welcoming Sherri back to our fold (she has helped in the past), and sending good wishes Josh’s way.