Board of Directors Meeting – August 2009

Title: RMAG August Board of Directors Meeting

Author: Jay Leaver, Secretary

Publication: The Outcrop, October 2009, p. 28

The Board of Directors met on August 19th in the conference room of the University Building. The next regularly-scheduled BOD meetings are to be at the same venue, at 4:00 p.m., on Wednesday September 16, October 14, and November 18. These meetings are open to the membership.

The meeting began with a report from Elmo Brown, who is coordinating the 2010 combined RMAG-COGA Meeting (July 7-10, 2010, too bad I don’t have a 2010 calendar, or I’d mark it down.) These biannual events have become real regional dynamos, with a lot of synergy between the two groups. Truth to tell, the COGA­ers outnumber the RMAG attendees by 2:1. The way the allocation of funds works, RMAG gets 100% of the revenue from a given ticket or exhibitor if the attendee or exhibitor mentions RMAG. COGA gets 100% if they don’t mention RMAG, and the groups split the revenue 50-50% in the event the poor lost soul can’t make up their mind and chooses both. So please remember to support RMAG when the time comes to sign up (and no choosing ‘Mad Magazine’ as home organization this time, Ned!)

At this point in the Board Meeting, we stepped into Executive Session to discuss Service Awards, with an update by Tricia Beaver. These Executive Session Outtakes are closed to the general membership for reasons of confidentiality. I have always supposed that if a member actually were to attend a Board meeting (note how I faithfully invite you all at the beginning of each of these columns), we’d ask them to step outside and admire the lobby wallpaper during Executive Session. So far, it hasn’t been an issue, but you never know, someone might show up sometime and it’s best we all know the procedure.
Tricia and Elmo then left the Board to its lonely toils. We reviewed the Minutes from July, which true to his word the Secretary had provided within a day or two of each meeting. I was touched that both Sandi and Jim had read them and responded with editorial comments – not flattering ones, mind you, but it’s the thought that counts in these things. Perhaps next month we’ll even approve them.

After a discussion of the financial report (we could really use a stimulus package, folks, so please alert your representative), we moved on to office matters. Josh Robbins is back from his unexpected hospital visit, which is doubly good because Caitlyn has left RMAG and Sandi could really use a hand with all the registrants for the Unconventional Symposium. That particular event (September 14) has really taken off. There is some competition for the Keynote Speaker slot. I suggested the candidates mud-wrestle for the spot, but was told the Symposium won’t be quite that unconventional. Darn.

As a final note, there have been a couple of instances of people taking pictures of slides during RMAG Friday Luncheon talks. This is not good form, folks, and on behalf of the Board of Directors I am authorized to issue an Official ‘Tsk-tsk’ to those responsible. Let’s not go getting all high-tech here. If you see a slide you like, honor the Speaker and ask for a copy directly and politely after the talk. Otherwise continue scribbling notes the old fashioned-way, please, with stylus and clay tablet.