Board of Directors Meeting – June 2009

Title: RMAG June Board of Directors Meeting

Author: Jay Leaver, Secretary

Publication: The Outcrop, August 2009, p. 26

The Board of Directors met on June 17th in the conference room of the University Building. The next BOD meetings will be at the same venue, at 4:00 p.m., on Wednesday July 15, August 19, and September 16. These meetings are open to the membership.

We were joined by the Public Issues Committee, who asked for two things: one, permission to e-mail the membership regarding significant legislation pertaining to natural gas exploration, and two, the authority to occasionally send alerts to the membership without asking the Board of Directors for permission, which might not be timely. That put us in a bit of a bind: on the one hand, if members get a slew of e-mails that they perceive supports a political bias they do not share, we get angry phone calls. On the other hand, if we know of a significant political event that is about to occur, and don’t alert our fellow professionals so that they have a chance to weigh in with their Elected Representatives, then we certainly deserve to get angry phone calls (but probably won’t, because who would know?) The solution was to a) grant permission for the specific e-mail in question to be sent out, and b) grant general permission to the Public Issues Committee to send out e-mails alerting the membership of upcoming legislative issues, stipulating that such e-mails occur as rarely as possible (admittedly, this requires the cooperation of the Legislators), and be of an informative nature rather than espousing a particular position in the debate.

Other business issues: The 2009 Audit Committee has been selected and has started their business — RMAG is still on track with the budget, but revenue is falling off a bit (if you haven’t already done so, please pay your dues!) — the budget for the Fall Symposium was approved — the new RMAG computer backup system is installed and working (wish mine was) — Dinosaur Ridge asked for a donation for new signs, etc.; $2000.00 was approved — the AAPG DataPages link in the RMAG Office is still not working but we hope it soon will be, and that our membership will use it during the test period.

Every December, the Outgoing Board and the newly-elected Incoming Board hold a joint session so that the “Torch may be Passed.” In honor of the hard times many of us are currently going through, Jim suggested that this year we simply get together in the RMAG offices and have cold pizza and warm beer. Luckily, Jim is President and according to ol’ Robert’s Rules, Presidents can’t make motions, so we didn’t have to vote this one down. Long Live RMAG! Long Live Tradition! Long Live Nice Luncheons at the Marriott! The hard times, too, shall pass.