ASPO 2008 International Peak Oil Conference System Reset: Global Energy and the New Economy

Title: ASPO 2008 International Peak Oil Conference System Reset: Global Energy and the New Economy

Location & Date: Sheraton Hotel, Denver, Colorado, October 11 -13, 2009

Publication: The Outcrop, August 2009, p. 11

Reflecting on a tumultuous year of major swings in the price of oil and the world economy, the ASPO 2009 International Peak Oil Conference, which incorporates Europe’s annual ASPO event, zeros in on the vital links between oil, money and the worldwide economy. Marshalling the expertise of key financial analysts, international oil industry executives, and peak oil observers, ASPO-USA’s three days of information-packed events appeals to a broad spectrum of people in business, public policy, and members of the public concerned with resource supply issues.

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While ASPO’s signature issue of oil depletion may have faded from the headlines, and demand dropped due to economic malaise, the situation remains the same: our world may be at or very close to peak oil production. Recent data from the International Energy Agency, and the revealing report of May 4, 2009 by the respected investment firm of Raymond James, support that conclusion. According to the Raymond James report, “peak oil on a worldwide basis seems to have taken place in early 2008″, and reaching peak oil still represents a transformative moment in the history of the oil market… it is only a matter of time before prices begin to reflect the reality that oil scarcity may become a fact of life in the not-too-distant future.”

ASPO tracks the shifting balance of world oil supply versus depletion and its economic and geopolitical implications. In the last few years, ours has been the largest conference of its kind in the world, drawing a diverse audience of about 500 people each year including oilmen, academics, elected officials, businessmen, investors, journalists, environmentalists, transportation officials, students, and more. Last year, several members of the U.S. House Select Committee on Intelligence attended.

This year’s conference is titled SYSTEM RESET: Global Energy and the New Economy. Plenary session topics include:

  • The Future of Oil in a Low-Price Environment
  • Natural Gas Game Changers
  • Energy, Demand and Economic Growth
  • The Media: On the Watch or Asleep at the Wheel?
  • Eastern Hemisphere Perspectives: Middle East, Russia, China, and Africa
  • Western Hemisphere Review: Canada, Mexico, and South America
  • Navigating Competing Priorities In Energy, Food, and Water Policy
  • Well, Don’t Just Sit There! Examples from the Forefronts of the Transition

Confirmed speakers include Ray Leonard (VP Exploration Kuwait Energy), Ed Warner (discovered the Jonah gas field in Wyoming), Lisa Margonelli, (author, Oil on the Brain), Jeremy Gilbert (former Chief Petroleum Engineer BP), Art Berman (World Oil Magazine), Susan Capalbo, (Oregon State University) and Kevin Phillips (author American Theocracy, Bad Money).

Invited dignitaries include Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, Jr., a champion of sustainable practices and Colorado’s New Energy Economy, and Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, a former petroleum geologist and brew-pub entrepreneur who established the city’s Green print Denver initiative.

Rounding out the three days, other events sure to engage attendees will be an expanded set of breakout sessions on Sunday October 11, book and film discussions, several networking receptions and dinners, and a leaf tour of the scenic Rocky Mountains outside of Denver. ASPO-USA invites your attendance and participation in our signature event!

About Aspo-USA
ASPO-USA is a non-profit, non-partisan group dedicated to providing education to the public and decision-makers about America’s peak oil and natural gas energy challenges.

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