What’s up with the RMAG for the Second Half of 2009?

Title: What’s up with the RMAG for the Second Half of 2009?

Author: James Mullarkey

Publication: The Outcrop, June 2009, p. 18

The On the Rocks (OTR) field trips have started with a “Fractures in the Field” trip to the Fort Collins area last month. This month there will not be a trip, due to the RMAG-hosted AAPG National Meeting. But ideas on the drawing board for this field season include a geologic tour on bicycles though Glenwood Canyon, examination of coals in Weld County, and we’re hoping to return to the dinosaur trackway in the Purgatoire area of southeastern Colorado. If you would like to guide an OTR trip or know of someone who might, or just have an idea for a trip, please contact Jeff Glossa ( Jeff.Glossa@state.co.us). He, as our VOLUNTEER in charge, is always looking for exciting field trips to fill out the season. For those not familiar with the OTR field trips, they are volunteer run, weekend field trips where RMAG members, and their family and friends are invited to attend with transportation provided by personal vehicles. Please note that everyone does have to sign a release form prior to the trip departure.

In the publications realm, the 700+ page 2009 Paradox Basin DVD, “The Paradox Basin Revisted: New Developments in Petroleum Systems and Basin Analysis,” co-edited by Bill Houston, Laura Wray, and Peter Moreland, should be available in the second quarter of 2009. There will be order forms available (if the DVD itself is not) at the RMAG during the AAPG National Meeting. Papers and other contributions are being solicited for the RMAG 2010 Guidebook/DVD, tentatively entitled “Resource Plays of the Rockies,” please contact Steven Goolsby, or Julie or Richard LeFever for more information. The 2011 Guidebook/DVD, “The Use of Structural Applications to define Rocky Mountain Petroleum Systems” is also underway, contact Connie Knight or Jerry Cuzella to assist. Please see the Preliminary Call for Papers in this issue. As an aside, RMAG members have access to the AAPG Datapages database in the new bright and cheery RMAG office. Usage details are still evolving but all members are encouraged to take advantage of this new member benefit.

Our Continuing Education Committee continues to work hard, following up on the three educational opportunities offered during the first half of the year with the Fall Symposium, and the 11th Annual Prospect Fair Technofest (not actually under the purview of the C. E. committee, but an educational opportunity nevertheless). Look for forthcoming announcements regarding the January 2010 Short Course. The Fall Symposium, tentatively titled “Unconventional Reservoirs: Shales and Coals” is planned for September 14th, 2009, and will include talks on the Bakken, Niobrara, and Mowry plays as well as several others. And of course, please mark your calendar to attend the 16th annual 3-D Seismic Symposium on March 16, 2010.

I would be remiss to neglect the RMAG’s social events, the Big Happy Hours, the NeoGeo Happy Hours, (you need to be an RMAG member and on the appropriate email lists to stay abreast of these networking, eating and drinking opportunities) and the always penultimate Rockbuster’s Ball scheduled for November 2009, MC’d by the incomparable Gary Nydegger. Plan to attend just to see what he says about the outgoing RMAG Pres. It will be entertaining, guaranteed!

Finally, harking back to the first half of 2009, this month all members should take advantage of the AAPG National Convention and Exhibition. This event is co-­sponsored by the RMAG and offers a wide range of talks, Field Trips, Short Courses, and social events, June 7-10, in our own Denver Convention Center. See you there.