Science Fair Winners (2009)

Title: Science Fair Winners

Publication: The Outcrop, June 2009, p. 20

The Colorado Science and Engineering Fair was held at the Lory Student Center of Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, April 9-11, 2009. Each year, regional junior and senior high school winners from across Colorado participate in this event. The RMAG grants awards to exceptional projects in the earth sciences. Susan Wager (Chair) and Richard Louden represented the RMAG as Special Awards Judges. The RMAG awards Certificates of Recognition and a cash award of $250 from the RMAG Foundation to each of the winners.

This year’s winners were:

Sean Buck (12th grade) for Reconstructing Paleoecosystems: Community Structure throughout the EECO

Danielle Riggs (8th grade) for Cooled Fast or Cooled Slow, How big will the Crystals Grow

Taylor Volesky (7th grade) for Acid Rain Effects on Cave Formation

There were many fine projects and the judges enjoyed interviewing all of the students and giving them an opportunity to discuss their work. Congratulations to all participants of this year’s Colorado Science and Engineering Fair.