RMAG Foundation Honors Scholarship Winners

Title: RMAG Foundation Honors Scholarship Winners

Author: Laura L. Wray, Foundation Trustee

Publication: The Outcrop, July 2009, p. 24-25

The RMAG Foundation hosted 2009 scholarship winners and their guests at the Friday, May 15 RMAG luncheon. In addition to the established awards given this year, the Foundation wishes to recognize the generous gift of Jean and Flint Ogle who provided money to fund a third Veterans’ Memorial Scholarship candidate, Stephen Clay Bowden, a PhD candidate at Texas A&M. The Foundation Trustees had three highly-deserving candidates and the special gift from the Ogles allowed a third scholarship to be awarded. Thank you Jean and Flint!

Philip J. McKenna Scholarship
Tyler H. Doane, Colorado College
Senior thesis: “Structural and seismic research in Bighorn Mountains, WY – examining geometrical and kinematic development of thick-skinned basement-involved uplift.”

Gary Babcock Memorial Scholarship
Jennifer L. Rothfuss, University of Alabama
Thesis: “Cenozoic landscape evolution of a post-compressional orogenic wedge: intermontane basin development and sediment dispersal patterns, southwest Montana.”

Dudley and Marion Bolyard Scholarship
Sophia Newbury, University of Colorado
Thesis: “Changes in floodplain architecture in response to changes in the hydrologic cycle across the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum.”

Stone/Hollberg Structural Geology Scholarship
Parker M. Valora, Colorado School of Mines
Dissertation: “A three-dimensional kinematic reconstruction of the Nebo Thrust through mapping and growth strata analysis, Sevier Fold-and-thrust belt, central Utah.”

RMAG-Colorado State University Scholarship
Christopher Cassle
Dissertation: “Nature of carbonate to shale transitions in ramp settings: A case study from the Mississippian Lake Valley Formation, Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico.”

RMAG-Colorado School of Mines Scholarship
Erich Heydweiller
Dissertation: “Laramide tectonics of the Colorado Front Range: Insights from coupled structural and stratigraphic Modeling.”

Veterans’ Memorial Scholarships
Phil Gopon, University of Wisconsin
Thesis topic: Evaluation of the low-sulfidation Sandman Gold deposit, north-central Nevada.”

Andrew Fuhrmann, University of Colorado
Thesis: “Utilizing seismic attributes to define structural and stratigraphic features of lower Pliocene sand reservoirs, Israel.”

Stephen Clay Bowden, Texas A&M
Dissertation: “Resolution refinement of the biostratigraphic and the determination of sedimentary and magnetic susceptibility changes across critical climate intervals: Indian Ocean.”

Norman Foster Scholarships
Thomas Hearon, Colorado School of Mines
Dissertation: “Global properties of salt welds, allochtonous salt and near-weld stratigraphy – Implications of exploration and development.”

Joern Hauer, University of Montana
Dissertation: “Sequence stratigraphy of Santionian­-Campanian strata in south-central Montana.”