President’s Column – April 2009

Title: View from the Top, or Nearly the Top

Author: James Mullarkey

Publication: The Outcrop, April 2009, p. 9, 20

Some big news in the realm of the RMAG this month is that after 13 years at the Symes Building at 820 16th Street, the RMAG offices are MOVING a block up the 16th Street Mall, toward LoDo, to Suite 1125 in the University Building at 910 16th Street. The board’s main reason for the move is to save money on monthly rent. The monthly rent for the office will drop from $2089 per month to $1950 per month. The lease of the current space was up on 02-28-09 and the landlord wanted to raise the monthly rent to $2412/month. With the softening of the rental market there was an opportunity to move to a slightly smaller office, which has a nice view to the north and northwest from parts of the office and save money to boot. The new office space is on the 11th floor of a twelve floor building–the view from the nearly the top, available to all RMAG members. Maybe we can walk up to the roof for the actual thing.

In my experience a move is at best a big inconvenience and it can go downhill from there. To try and ensure a good experience with this move, your board has put a move team in place to make the RMAG office move as painless as possible for all involved. The current plan will have the office move to the new space completed by April 1, 2009. So after you’ve read this column, come up to visit the new office, offer to help during the aftermath, and pass the word on to all your friends.

Monthly energy saving item: Electrical energy savings in homes is multiplicative at a more than 3 times factor. Due to many additive losses, for every single kilowatt hour (Kwh) of electricity used per day in a home, 2.2 Kwh (220%) are “lost” during electricity generation and transmission (National Geographic Magazine, March 2009, p. 67, So by saving just one Kwh at home, total energy use can be decreased by about 3.2 Kwh. This is a reason why home energy savings can be an effective piece of the bridge to the use of a more diversified mix of energy sources.

It’s springtime in the Rockies, time to register for RMAG Short Courses and as a volunteer for Boy Scout Day, scheduled for Saturday, May 2, 2009 at Dinosaur Ridge near Morrison, Colorado. It should be the biggest one yet with Alameda Avenue across the Dakota Hogback closed to all except emergency vehicles (this started more than 6 months ago) and with both entrances open from Interstate C-470 directly to Dinosaur Ridge for this year’s event! This is another of the RMAG’s cooperative events. This event is one where RMAG volunteers assist the Friends of Dinosaur Ridge and the Boy Scouts of America. There is also an annual Girl Scout Day at Dinosaur Ridge scheduled for October 3, 2009. More information can be found at The RMAG will have a one day Short Course this month, it is presently scheduled for 04-20-09. This will be a set of two concurrent courses, held in adjacent rooms, that will focus on Tips and Tricks for advanced users of GeoGraphix and Petra geologic software packages. The scheduled date may change due to the office move but had not been changed at the time that this column was written.

Thanks to the VOLUNTEERS. This month’s shout out goes to RMAG Luncheon folks, the speakers, and the judges, and the attendees. Thank you especially to the luncheon speakers to date this year, Pete Stark, Louis Mazzulo, and Bruce Trudgill. Also thanks to the luncheon paper judges. If you are asked to judge a luncheon talk, please say yes. You can mail or fax the completed form into the office or give it to the designated representative of that particular lunch. Thank you in advance.

In closing, did you hear about the incident at the local college where a rubber band pistol was confiscated from the geostatistics class? It was considered a weapon of math disruption.