New Book Describes Giant Gemstone Deposits and Major Diamond Deposits in Colorado and Wyoming

Title: New Book Describes Giant Gemstone Deposits and Major Diamond Deposits in Colorado and Wyoming

Publication: The Outcrop, July 2009, p. 11, 23

Ever hear of Armalcolite? It’s a rare mineral initially identified on the moon then later in Wyoming and Australia. Ever hear of the gemstone iolite? Wyoming may have more than a trillion carats of this sapphire-blue gem. Did you realize that some of the largest opals and rubies were found in Wyoming? One of the largest opal fields in North America was found adjacent to a U.S. highway where thousands of people drove within reach of opals weighing more than 100,000 carats every year. And millions of people drive the interstate within view of possibly hundreds of diamond deposits. One geologist reports finding evidence for hundreds of diamond deposits, some of the largest colored gemstones on earth and several precious metal deposits in a new book. He also describes where to find these in Colorado and Wyoming, how to identify the rocks and minerals, and what one can do to find a king’s ransom in mineral deposits. Few people realize that three of the largest colored gemstone deposits on earth were found in Wyoming during the past 15 years. A few hundred cryptovolcanic structures were also identified in the Colorado-Kansas­-Montana-Wyoming region that are similar to the more than 100 diamond pipes already recognized in the region. Recently released Gems, Minerals & Rocks of Wyoming – A Guide for Rock Hounds, Prospectors & Collectors ( provides the prospector and rock hound with information on where to find these treasures and how to identify them. For those who are interested in hunting diamonds, the book describes techniques used over the past 30 years to find diamonds in the Colorado-Wyoming region and ways one can use simple internet tools to find other diamond deposits.

Prior to 1977, little was known about minerals in Wyoming. Research geologist and author Dan Hausel spent the next 30 years looking for evidence and geological clues. He found gold, platinum, palladium, opal; an entire gold district, world-class colored gemstone deposits, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, peridot and more. Spending summers alone in wilderness he mapped 1000 square kilometers of complex geologic terrain, old mines, rare volcanic rocks with diamonds and other gemstones and found giant iolite and opal gems weighing thousands of carats. W. Dan Hausel’s book on Gems, Minerals and Rocks in Wyoming, is a 175-page summary containing 140 colored photo­graphs that provide descriptions of many of the mineral and gems found in Wyoming. The book is available at Booksurge, Amazon and other outlets.