John Hickenlooper to Speak at AAPG Convention

Title: John Hickenlooper to Speak at AAPG Convention

Publication: The Outcrop, June 2009, p. 16

Since I am Geologist by training and a brewer at heart, being a politician was the next obvious step, right? Who would have thought that a student of vertebrates, stratigraphy and sedimentation would end up in the political arena?

I have been asked to speak to you at the AAPG convention about “Professionalism and Public Policy”—an ever-increasing and very important demand on your profession. In my own professional journey from geology student at Wesleyan University to being laid off from the oil business in 1986, opening a brewpub in Denver to be elected Mayor in 2003, setting high standards and building strong collaborative partnerships have always been hallmarks of my career. I’m excited to share my personal insights on the similarities between geology and politics with you—especially about laminar flow.


John W. Hickenlooper